About Us

Hello! We are Kevin and Megan. We started this business when our son was a year old. When you stop in you will see how he has grown since then! We are family owned and operated, you may see Owen and Emery running around with or without shoes on, at any given time.

Kevin has always been a bit of an explorer. When we were blessed enough to move to the Smoky Mountains, that did not change. Any free time was spent trying to find something new and interesting places that were not always on the beaten path. That is where the idea for Smoky Mountain Adventures began. He wanted to share the excitement he felt when exploring the national park and what better way to see it, but aboard a UTV! When you call or stop in, Kevin’s usually the sales guy with a cup of coffee close by. Warning you now, he is a chatter and don’t get him started on antiques.

Megan is more of the maps and directions person. Unfortunately, her job also entails stumbling through all the electronic, technology and web end of the business, so don’t complain too much. When she is not trying the throw her computer out of her window, she tags along with Kevin on any of his many adventures. She also loves to craft, throw overboard birthday parties and make DIY gifts (pinterest’s fault).

Owen and Emery come to work with us too. Most days are good, some are bad but like we mentioned we are family owned and operated. Owen is much like Daddy, always thinking up his next adventures. He is a great artist, always working on blueprints to machines or tree houses, creating his own books or drawing one of our three cats. He also loves super heros, Neon clothing, running 5K’s, going on bike rides and of course, pestering his little sister.

Emery is our sweet Sugar Berry. She does not know a stranger and will chat with any and everyone. She loves playing dolls, family, super heros, tea party, play doh and blocks. She normally has wild hair, bare feet and a big ol smile on her face.