Smoky Mountain Adventures

385 East Parkway Suite 225
Gatlinburg, TN




        Inexpensive way to experience the exciting new Robby Gordan Polaris 4 seat RZR in addition to truly connecting with the Smoky Mountains.
        Bring your cameras and travel back in time as YOU drive a street legal, 800 cc Polaris RZR, into the Midst of the Mountains, winding along, sometimes steep, MOUNTAIN TERRAIN where you will experience an example of true Mountain Spirit. View WONDERFUL MOUNTAIN VISTA that are spectacular. Travel into and out of SHADY MOUNTAIN FOREST with the temperature dropping as much as 20 degrees, where you will see ROCKY CLIFFS, COOL CREEKS, GIANT BOULDERS, OLD HOMESTEADS, A HISTORIC GRIST MILL, LONG CASCADING RIVERS AND PICTURESQUE WATERFALLS. We are sure Driving the Bold, Family Friendly, Sports Side by Side into the Smokys will definitely be an experience that everyone will remember.

We have limited seating so make sure to call us in advance.

For availability please call Kevin or Megan 865-292-3868 and 865-314-9132
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